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You know psych. You should understand.

The way I see it, no one is stepping on your feelings. You’re not exempted from other people’s judgments. You know that judging without prior knowledge is second nature to people. We can even form biased opinions by seeing a picture of a stranger for half a second. Of all people, you should know that there is at least a 50% chance that you would get that response. And the chances don’t change for anyone.

Think of it this way. When you get a negative reaction or response from people, you know that they’re being completely honest with you. They don’t pretend and don’t feel the need to do so when they are with you. It’s a sign that they are complacent with you around and they regard you as a close member of their community. You should actually be relieved that your bonds with each other are that in tact that you can easily voice out anything without having to worry about ripples in your relationship. Your relationship is built on that – trust and openness.

It’s okay to have conversations where you don’t completely agree with each other. Because you can’t expect to always agree with each over on everything. It’s how you’re able to handle the differences in your opinions and still get along with each other that matters more. So don’t be a crybaby. Don’t play victim.

You know psych. You should understand.

The Perfect Song

It was a bad day. I was feeling messed up inside. On my way home, this song with percussive guitar intro began playing in my head. Somehow I thought that things would turn out if only I could only listen to it, but I couldn’t remember what its title was. I just knew that it was one of Ed Sheeran’s songs. When I got home, I searched through his playlists on Youtube, one by one, until I found the title bearing the same exact words as my thoughts were.