Poopin’ Pigs: From Game Concept to Game Design (Part 1)

Taking Over The World With Games

A New LibGDX Guide for Beginners

For those who would like to learn more about LibGDX, I recommend this tutorial ebook by Andreas Oehlke – a copy of which I borrowed from a colleague. It’s a comprehensive and complete discussion of the entire development cycle, which is more in-depth than most online tutorials about the framework. Written for beginner- to intermediate-level programmers, the tutorial begins with setting up your environment and explaining how LibGDX and Eclipse IDE work together to help you build a cross-platform game. It also provides a quick summary of the features and modules of the framework, including its application life cycle.

As with any other software project, it is bad practice to write the implementation without first constructing the design. Aside from programming, these two are some of the most helpful sections of this tutorial that talk about how you can take a game concept and…

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Poopin’ Pigs: From Game Concept to Game Design (Part 1)

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