Hey you on your way to your perfect week

Yep, I said perfect week. By that, I meant YOUR kind of perfect week, not Barney’s. Yours is like a milestone in the #100HappyDaysChallenge, which became popular after a certain study showed that only a small percent of people find something to be happy about for a 100-day streak. At first, the news seemed depressing because it was statistics that said you’re more likely to find reasons to be sad rather than to be happy on most days of your life, and that the happiness challenge was a REAL challenge. But come to think about it, so much could happen in a span of 100 days that it wouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself in the dumps a couple of times within those days and lose the challenge.

I think that what is more important than tallying the longest number of days you can live on without getting upset is developing a positive attitude that would help people get by even on their worst days. Why not form a habit that would help develop this kind of attitude? The good news is that it only 21 days to form a habit. For just 3 weeks, don’t dwell on worries, fears and negative emotions, and focus your mind on the good things that just happened and nice things that people have done for you. Keep on doing this until you’ve trained your mind that small problems shouldn’t bother you and that there is so much in your life that makes it awesome.

You’re on 6th day on your first week. Did someone tell you that he loves you and misses you this morning? Go ahead and smile for it. Keep on going and make us proud and happy.

Hey you on your way to your perfect week

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