Its frequency says a lot

I’ve been writing more frequently than I ever did in 2 months. It started with frustration from not being able to grasp FFT and what to do with it to render a spectrogram of an audio input in Java, followed by a constant occurrence of HTTP 1.1/404 with my latest update for the online recording tool. Then you were in Thailand and I was here. It was 1am Philippine time and you’re out there and I was here. I wanted to talk, I had some stuff to talk about then, but we didn’t. Then the stuff were all gone the next morning. I simply woke up missing you so much and days felt like weeks and days were dragging me down. Mornings after I often woke up with an empty feeling, longing even more for you. This evening we talked. The tone of your voice dropped near the end of the conversation and the usual enthusiasm was low. I read your messages and you say you’re okay. I just could not easily forget how your voice sounded from lovely to sad. Was it because of my conversation with Mia that she’s not available this week? Was it about not going back to Union Spinning? I wanted to ask but I’m afraid that this is just a product of my mind. I want you to be okay but if you’re not, you can tell me too. I know you will. I’m worried about you, that’s all.

– for March 24

Its frequency says a lot

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