The Inconvenient Truth (not what you think it is)

Sometimes, little inconveniences make for good stories.

Be brave. Be eccentric.

Seek inconveniences.

The Inconvenient Truth (not what you think it is)

The Secret

Don’t focus on anything. Just let yourself, let the things around you flow. You’ll be surprised how much love and good will flow into and out from you, so much that you’ll be effortlessly happy with the people you love.

The Secret

Thankful mornings: A Letter To You

Dear G,

This morning, like all the other mornings since the start of the new year, you wake up to a message from your guy greeting you a good morning and telling you he loves you. You find yourself smiling at the start of the day and excited for lots of the other gifts that this day has to bring in. You remember too that the night before you talked about your day, listened to each other and gave each other reasons to smile.

Yesterday, like most mornings since you were a teen, you get up to the yummy breakfast your Mom prepared for you. Many times it would be your favorite omelette that she makes like no one else and that will satisfy your taste buds and gets you ready for the challenges of the day. Some mornings, you stay longer downstairs to talk to her or listen to her talk about anything. Sometimes, you just let it on even if you have commitments and work for the day. All those times you chose well to spend time with her because you simply worked harder for the rest of the day until evening and you finished all your tasks before the week ended.

You remember having a talk with your sister the night before. You talked about her eccentricities when she was a toddler and laugh about all the silly things you did together while she was growing up. Sometimes she, too, talked about what her life is like at present, and you would simply listen to her, annoy her a little and comfort her in her frustrations, laugh with her at her fun times with her friends. Sometimes, too, she talked about how she thought of you as an older sister when she was young. Every time she did, you would be surprised that she looked up to you and that she admired you silently even as a child. You are an inspiration to her, a model.

Often you don’t remember but you know that the night before, like most nights, your Mom and Dad talked via Skype to talk about how their days have been. They openly talk about the good and the bad. They support each other, help each other to be strong to keep on going with their responsibilities and be happy at the same time. They, too, say I love you to each other every night.

On Monday mornings, you wake up to the thought of going to your meeting for work and seeing your new friends whom you have learned to trust too. After the meeting, someone from the group will be sharing something about his or her life or talk about something you didn’t know. Sometimes, you made fun of one another.

These are just a few instances that God pours you with unending love. Be grateful. You are surrounded with love.  Be happy!

Much love too,


Thankful mornings: A Letter To You