The hormones are doing their thing


From my dreams until I woke up and finally got my network connection back, the hormones have been driving my emotions in an insane winding road. One moment I’m all good. A moment later I’m needy for love and comfort. A few moments from now I’ll probably be feeling self-righteous and critical of everyone. Then I’ll hate the world and shut myself down.

This emotional rollercoaster is actually a regular thing for me, but it’s something that I want to overcome eventually. And my first step not to accept it as something that is a part of me and defines me, but as something that happens in my body that I would just have how to deal with with the help of a reasonable and rational thinking. Which is why I’m simply blaming it on my hormones. They are just hormones and I should be in control of them.

I’m writing about this because it helps get things off my chest so most of the things that I write here are rants. I’m still upset though so it’s time to focus my attention on something worth focusing at.

The hormones are doing their thing

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