Breaking the whitespace: The Liebster Award

I haven’t written much for the past weeks, which is a good thing if I take it as a sign of recovery from self-proclaimed depression or bipolarity, that I haven’t felt the need to write to get emotions off my chest and to keep my sanity and I probably am able to handle my personal life better now. But surprise surprise, this blog was nominated for the Liebster Award (The Dear Award) by a very good friend and that was more than enough reason to write again. Thanks again! I’m humbled and overwhelmed at the same time.


According to Kath after receiving the Liebster Award, each nominee is supposed to:

  1. List 11 random facts about himself.
  2. Answer the questions listed by the blogger who nominated him/her for the award.
  3. Nominate 5 or more other bloggers with less than 200 followers and notify them that they were nominated.
  4. Write a different set of questions for the nominees.
  5. And of course, put up the Liebster Award badge on his blog.

Random Facts

  • I learned to eat sardines in my Grade 6 retreat.
  • I learned to eat veggies in college.
  • It was my first time to jump into a swimming pool 4 days ago.
  • I was born with dark circles under my eyes.
  • I found out recently that Alan Turing was gay, and felt bad about laughing at gay jokes before.
  • I’m scared of pets so I stay away from them.
  • I used to be considered tall in our class until I turned 13 and stopped growing, and I’m thankful that that happened.
  • I don’t do any kind of sport.
  • I’m fond of stories about dragons, forbidden love between god-likes and mortals, reincarnation, curses and immortality.
  • I hardly drink alcohol beverages, and I’m no fan of getting drunk.
  • I would rather be different and silly than pretty and ordinary.


  • What motivates you in life?

     I used to rely on other people or things to fuel up my motivation to do something, but I figured how hard it is to keep going in times when I can’t find these anywhere. So I’ve learned that the best reason to keep me motivated is that I know doing it, whatever it may be, would make me happy and if it does make someone else happy as well, I consider it a bonus.

  • Name famous persons you’ve already seen personally. Share your experience.

    If animated characters count, I’d say Mr. Fredricksen and Russell from Disney Pixar’s Up. Meeting and taking pictures with Mr. Fredricksen reminded me of a caring grandpa who wanted his grandchild to stay away from trouble because he loved him so much.

  • What healthy snack can you recommend for working office people? 

    Fuji apples. Easy to find and bring to work. Refreshing and yummy!



Here are my questions for you :

(This was really the first thing that I came up with)

In the count of three, you are about to bungee jump from the edge of a cliff. But someone suddenly pushes you off the cliff before you even get to three and cuts the cord that was holding you.

  • Who cut the cord and why did he/she do it?

    a. It was my sister/brother who was trying to play a deadly prank on me.

    b. It was (insert initials) who wanted revenge for (insert stupid-funny-thing-I-did-to-someone-years-ago)

    c. It was my son/daughter, (insert name), to whom I was forced to tell stories that some people could fly including me.

    d. (Insert someone else’s initials and tell us why)

As you are plummeting down to your death, you decide that you have to make the most out of the 3 seconds that you have left to live.

  • What will you do in those 3 seconds? I will…

    a. Pray that I may be forgiven and hope that I wouldn’t burn up in hell for eternity.

    b. Call my loved ones via speed dial. I want to say my goodbyes before I d—.

    c. Fix my hair and retouch my makeup so at least I won’t look terrible even if I die a horrible death.

    d. Smile and listen to my iPod. I’d rather die happy than in panic.

    e. Do something else, specifically, (insert whatever it is here).

For some reason, a mysterious person was hovering with a jetpack around your bungee jumping spot and sees you falling. The person rushes off to save your butt just before you hit the ground. Once you safely get to land, you realize who it is.

  • Who was the person who saved you? It was…

    a. My loyal pet dog who turns out to be a secret agent and was hunting down the suspect for bungee jumping murders.

    b. My parents who are the awesomest superheroes ever.

    c. The love of my life, (insert name), who’s always there to catch me.

    d. Tony Stark.

    e. the same person who threw me off the cliff who takes out a ring and proposes to me.

    f. (insert someone else’s name).

End of story.

Breaking the whitespace: The Liebster Award