The End

I remember that episode in Gumball with the same title where he and Darwin thought that “Basically it’s the eclipse… and… it’s the end of the world.” Like in any pre-end-of-the-world story, they started off cramming with the 24 hours they have left to live. But they easily snap out of it and realize that 24 hours isn’t so bad.

Gumball: 24 HOURS?! Oh, this is horrible! All the things I wanted to do in my life, all my plans… Ruined! RUINED!!!
Darwin: You know, I’ve been thinking… 24 hours is actually quite a lot of time.
Gumball: Hey, you’re right! I mean, how many minutes are there in an hour? Like 60? So, that’s like 60 times 24, which is… Three billion seconds!
Darwin: That’s like ages!
Source: Gumball wiki

So Gumball spent the day doing things he wanted to do  – trashing their biology class (which got them in a 3-hour detention), trying to marry Penny, getting a perm, asking for a pony for all the birthdays he won’t be celebrating – because nothing matters anymore as he had said.

I want to live everyday like today’s all I have left and nothing matters anymore. Better make the most out of it. Better be happy in my last 24 hours. Make every MOMENT count.

The End

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