To fall in love with life again

I embraced 2013 with the strangest yet most fortunate mix of emotions since I left my childhood aware of Santa’s non-existence. For several Christmases and New Year’s Eves, I had been too aware of what is and what isn’t that the awareness took away my spirit of merrymaking for the sake of it, that even with heaps of presents and feasts, it took more effort to be joyful than to think of what to give for next year.

Unlike those years, 2013 kicked off with me half-knowing my bucket list was getting shorter and half-guessing ways to make it longer, then shorter, then longer again.  I was convinced that the world wasn’t meant to end on December 21, 2012 for a reason. That reason was for me (and for everyone) to fall in love with life again and to simply love it like an innocent boy would to the girl he so admired.

I re-learned how generous life and its Giver is because when I did love, it showed me back love a hundred times richer than that I gave. I grew up a bit to change into someone who loved less selfishly and more blissfully. In return, life gave me more chances to be happy with those dearest to my heart – more hangouts, celebrations, surprises, music, stories, movies and cheers than I was used to. I’ve experienced lots of the best free things I could ask for and the first quarter isn’t even over yet.

On that note I make this claim to always follow my heart, to be happy with my life and to keep on falling in love with it.

To fall in love with life again

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