I’d like to believe that I was meant to finish-

I’d like to believe that I was meant to make the things that surpass the ordinary. This probably came from my childhood spent mostly on watching anime series with strong-willed mages destined to save the world from destruction rather than fairytales of delicate princesses waiting to be saved by future-heir strangers.

This belief slowly wilted away as I grew up being a conformist over-achiever most of the time, but thank goodness a small piece of it remains. I thought my will was strong enough to create the path to fulfilling several unordinary destinies. Taking the first step in each path was the hardest because of the uncertainties that lie ahead. The possibility of failing and of being hurt by failure could be enough to stop me from moving on. It could take time but eventually my heart would become a little braver than before, bold enough to begin and to face the fear of failing. There were days when I felt that victory is just few strides away. There were days when the strength of my will faints against the worries of stepping over the things that matter in life other than dreams. But there were more days when I get careless or overconfident that I trip and fall hard with my will crushed to dust. Every time I fall, I start over, and every time I start over, I never finish.

I’d like to believe that I was meant to finish-

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