The cross-species love story of Doki and Nabi: There She Is by SamBakZa

And their love did conquer all.


Certain kind of sadness I’m addicted to

When I go to bed, about to say my prayer that often had been forgotten, I find myself asking if I am happy. Not for that night or that day or that moment, but in everything that had been happened and that might happen to me and to the people whom I share my small world with. Of all the things that did happen, the ones that would be remembered best are those that hurt me in some way. They would drive me like a record playing scenes that leave me worse than broken over and over until I could no longer snap out of being broken. By then, I would have forgotten my prayer and everything but the scenes.


#7 Movie Feels of 2012: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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The plot was weird, if not forced and a bit illogical, but that issue became easy to ignore with the right amount of humor and without angst to change the mood. Although Bella still had the same obsession in being a vampire, saying something like she knew that she was born to be one, this was the first (and the last) time that we’re presented with a Bella free of meaningless angst against the world and irrepressible desire towards her shining vampire partner. We finally saw Bella determined in and capable of protecting a child from anyone who tried to take it from her rather than pathetic and needy of a man to be by her side.

The fight scenes were better in that it involved different sorts of superhuman abilities unlike those in previous movies. The ending was a complete letdown though for viewers who have gotten sick of fairytale endings, and an obvious segue for a continuation not bound to happen.

It probably helped that my expectations for the last one were never high and made worse by the most uninteresting intro on a bloody red screen boasting Stephenie Meyer as its producer, but I could say that this movie was entertaining compared to the first four, and not as disappointing as I expected. I went home thinking, at least, they got one out of five right.

#7 Movie Feels of 2012: Breaking Dawn Part 2