#10 Movie Feels of 2012: Snow White and the Huntsman

For my next posts, I’ll be writing about the movies I watched last year. It won’t be long but since it wasn’t until recently that I have been seeing movies on the big screen more frequently than I used to during my college years, I made this list to look back at the experience of sitting in a dark room full of strangers and taking in every image and sound that surrounded me for an hour or two. For the record, each movie on the list left its own distinct mark, but some are just too beautiful to forget than others.

Coincidentally, it turns out I watched exactly 10 movies and… that’s all I got. But that’s fine because that’s a big number for me! Watch out 2013, I’ll be breaking 2012’s milestones with you. I’ll be filling up the list from the least to the most emotionally engaging and entertaining movie, and in 10th place is

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Starring Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Thor. Aside from the embarrassing fact that I forgot his name, he looked and sounded a lot like Thor in this movie so to me he IS Thor. I think the creators of this movie did a good job convincing the audience (me) that this is the other side of the popular fairytale. I’m relieved that despite its overall cold and dark feel, it didn’t look like Twilight although I feared that it would be when I saw the trailer. Charlize Theron’s beautiful yet scary, powerful yet emotionally vulnerable portrayal of the queen was perfect that the queen, despite how evil she was, gained my sympathy. What I found strange though was the princess’ sudden transformation to a war leader, so her breaking out to make a speech was more confusing than moving. I wanted to understand from the movie the process of evolving from a locked up damsel into a stronger persona worthy of victory. Or maybe I didn’t easily realize that she was actually never helpless to begin with because I didn’t understand why she had to wait for that long to grab the nail that has been obviously lying around her cell for decades.

#10 Movie Feels of 2012: Snow White and the Huntsman

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