Don’t blog if it’s not for the world to care about

I don’t think blogs are personal spaces because if it were, you wouldn’t show it to the world and expect people to feed on it. Unless you’re a celebrity, a politician or an overnight Youtube sensation, people wouldn’t bother to know about your failed attempt to play guitar, your weekend date with your ex-boyfriend who wanted a second chance nor how your new haircut seems to make you ten pounds bigger.

I think blogging can be considered as the craft of translating your personal experiences, daydreams and ideas into web-attention-worthy material, which can be in any form of media. Note the emphasis on the web part. Just because everyone in your family or high school thinks that you’re a great writer or cartoonist, you can expect the same thing from the rest of crowd. No. After having been asked to write a couple of articles on SEO, I found out that 90% of Internet users rely on the top 3 search engines to search for anything online, and most of them only bother to look at the first page. Which only meant that majority of the entire online population are butts-on-chair-all-day lazy. and that you would have to compete with millions of other bloggers to get these lazy Internet users’ attention.

(going back to my line of thought) It doesn’t take a literature of one’s normal life to have the next most followed blog. You just have to be different from what’s already out there (which is hard because almost everything is already out there – you can even finish your homework by typing the exact questions on the search bar) by writing something witty or motivating, showing your mindblowing photos and doodles or sharing something so geeky it’s worth publishing in a conference.

Take for example Hyperbole and a Half. Ally’s writing style was all I ever dreamed about back then. Now that I think about it, that style perfectly matched and made her own brand of comedy, aside from the fact that her childhood was pure insanity. Seems to me that lately her stories had gone from outright inconceivable to being too-creepy-it’s-hysterical. My personal favorites are the ‘The Party‘ and ‘How a fish almost destroyed my childhood‘. Must read those for the nth time!

Despite what I had just said, anyone is free to write about anything they want, even me, and that is why I’m writing this now. If you feel the urge to blog about anything that pops in your head, be brave and just do it. It doesn’t matter if the only people who anticipate your posts are your bestfriend and your long time rival who’s been keenly watching you to make a mistake so she can sell it to the school paparazzi. An idea that’s waiting to happen is just as painful as an unspoken love. It won’t hurt a bit more if you do something about it.

Don’t blog if it’s not for the world to care about

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