How I Learned that Hydrology Makes for a Good Vacation

Just when I thought that my hardcore studying days are over (anything that has to do with computations is already hardcore), I got myself into a project that requires me to read on the interpretation and analysis of maps based on weather data. Unfortunately, I haven’t found or realized a complete solution to this task until now simply because I do not fully understand it. While I was searching for materials on the net, I stumbled upon this hydrology project training module from The Netherlands, and it says there clearly that the target readers of this module are hydrologists, assistant hydrologists and data processing center managers, none of which I can identify with. It’s one thing to translate features and use cases from clients into more formal software requirements; it’s another to guess what features they want exactly and do each of them hoping that you were able to guess it right. The simpler something is said in layman terms, the tougher it is to understand it in a language that will help you work on it.

Today the whole team, except me, went out [team building] to the beach. Aside from the fact that it’d be a bother asking for permission to go on this trip, I prefer to work today at home than to go there because I just didn’t feel like it. Plus, if I work today I can rest my brain an entire day off of work tomorrow or on Sunday, which I can spend watching movies and food tripping with my best bud whom I haven’t seen for so long until yesterday when he surprised me at school/work after following me around the campus on stealth mode (or maybe I was just in my daydream mode).

I am writing this post just now so I can do something other than force my brain to make sense of these math, map and weather terms, equations and figures to put them into code. Why am I doing this again? It’s Artsy Adventure Time!

My Adventure Time Playlist that draws my attention away from interpolation, isolines and whatnot:

I also found out that the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen was Olivia Olson’s, the same singer who plays Vanessa Doofenschmirtz in Phineas and Ferb, hence the soulful catchy voice. Hope these songs would make your day too.

How I Learned that Hydrology Makes for a Good Vacation

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