How to Choose the Right Featured Image for Your Post

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Perfect reminder for us bloggers

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Confession: my favorite part of the drafting process, other than the writing itself, is choosing a featured image for my posts.

To me, it’s that final drizzle of olive oil, that last turn of the pepper mill over a plate I’m about to serve (usually to a toddler who couldn’t care less). It’s an anticipation-builder, an element that announces something good is about to happen while tying together disparate details into coherence.

Note: Featured images are displayed differently on each theme, from modestly-sized blocks to full-width explosions of color. You may want to experiment with a few themes, if only to get a sense of the different effect featured images can have.

It seems I’m not alone — with more than 220 themes offering featured images, including some of our newest and most popular — many bloggers and readers clearly like featured images, too.

In a world in which we all have bulging image libraries…

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Stop Devaluing Yourself


This post reflects my exact thoughts right now. It’s true how tough we can be on ourselves when we shouldn’t shy away from being acknowledged for having done something good.

It’s okay to be proud of yourself. Learn to accept compliments without buts.
You are wonderfully made by God.

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Recently, a few people have asked me about this blog. What is it? What do you write about? Why do you do it?

It’s very easy to devalue the things that we do. I’m never quite sure how to respond to these questions – what is Simply Sweet? I suppose it’s a lifestyle blog with a Christian focus and an aim to encourage and entertain others while also making sense of my own thoughts and actions – however this kind of coherency rarely makes it out of my mouth in conversation. Instead, I find myself saying, ‘oh you know, it’s just a girly blog with bits and pieces of stuff I’m interested in. It’s probably pretty boring.’

In actual fact, I love writing on this blog. I love to think that in some way, I can be invested in the business of encouragement. As a personal project, it helps…

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The Devil is in the Details: On Descriptive Writing

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We often hear that we should “show, not tell” — that we should paint a detailed picture for our reader that lets them see what’s happening, rather than simply narrating.

Easier said than done! All details are not created equal: some detail throws a barrier between the reader and your story, and some detail is (ironically) not detailed enough. How do you tell whether a detail helps or hurts? Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re writing descriptively, and some writers who illustrate them perfectly.

Good detail is relevant.

Including every detail is the written equivalent of your friend who can never get to the point of a story because he can’t remember if it happened on Tuesday or Wednesday, or if it was 1 PM or 2 PM, or if the car was red or blue. Good detail is relevant to the point of your post.

Writer beware! Not…

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New Game Concept: Flappy Bird meets Bad Piggies meets Plants vs Zombies

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Poopin’ Pigs
A fleet of flying pirate pigs is on their way to wipe out your brain garden. Shoot them down fast before they unleash their deadly stink bombs on your plants!
Casual Shooter Game
2D shooter game where the player moves Z vertically along the left part of the screen and shoots at the pigs that are falling at the right side. The player must shoot the pigs before they drop their poop bombs on the brains below. The player earns points for shooting pigs and loses energy for every pooped out brain. The goal is to eliminate the pigs with as many brains left as possible.
  • Z the Zombie Bird (inspired by kilobolt’s LibGDX tutorial previously discussed here)
  • Z the Zombie Bird loves to eat brains. He loves them so much that he can’t possibly imagine living the undead life without…

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Poopin’ Pigs: From Game Concept to Game Design (Part 1)

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A New LibGDX Guide for Beginners

For those who would like to learn more about LibGDX, I recommend this tutorial ebook by Andreas Oehlke – a copy of which I borrowed from a colleague. It’s a comprehensive and complete discussion of the entire development cycle, which is more in-depth than most online tutorials about the framework. Written for beginner- to intermediate-level programmers, the tutorial begins with setting up your environment and explaining how LibGDX and Eclipse IDE work together to help you build a cross-platform game. It also provides a quick summary of the features and modules of the framework, including its application life cycle.

As with any other software project, it is bad practice to write the implementation without first constructing the design. Aside from programming, these two are some of the most helpful sections of this tutorial that talk about how you can take a game concept and…

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